The Fjords of Greenland & Iceland


Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines and Cruisescapes have put together a luxurious getaway for 13 nights aboard the 4 star Black Watch to visit the amazing and picturesque fjords of Greenland as well as experiencing the delights of Iceland. Cruise back into Belfast for your convenience.

Cruise Highlights

  • Astonishing waterways, spectacular landscapes and enchanting settlements await your discovery, as Black Watch diverts off the well-beaten tourist track to bring you the wonders of Greenland’s most remote regions.
  • Four days of Greenlandic exploration will be packed with unforgettable experiences – you’ll enjoy scenic cruising of immaculate sounds and fjords such as Prins Christiansund; and visit a trio of towns for chances to unearth fascinating traditional culture and untouched scenery.
  • En route to Greenland, you’ll also visit Reykjavik – Iceland’s vibrant capital – for tours to the unmissable natural delights of the famous Golden Circle and beautiful Blue Lagoon; while Northern Ireland’s attraction-packed capital awaits on your journey home, too.

Journey off the well-beaten tourist track to unearth the fascinating culture and inspirational scenery of Greenland’s most remote regions on this memorable cruise adventure. Astonishing waterways, remarkable natural wonders and enchanting settlements await amongst these isolated lands, and smaller-sized Black Watch is your guide to uncovering the very best of them.

The four days of Greenlandic exploration featured on this incredible 14-night itinerary are packed with unforgettable experiences. After visiting Iceland for an overnight stay in Reykjavik, gateway to the world-famous wonders of the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon, scenic cruising of the immaculate Prins Christiansund and Torssukátak Fjord provides the perfect introduction to the scenic splendour of Greenland. Views of soaring mountains, glorious glaciers, imposing icebergs and cascading waterfalls will whet your appetite for what’s to come, before your first chance to step foot on Greenland’s shores comes in Qaqortoq. Here you could visit the interesting museum and intriguing Stone & Man sculptures, or perhaps experience the Greenlandic tradition of Kaffe-Mik in the company of the town’s friendly locals. Qaqortoq is also ideally located for tours to the Great Lake, which boasts some of the country’s most breathtaking Arctic landscapes.

Then there’s Narsarsuaq, starting point for boat tours to the awe-inspiring Qooroq Ice Fjord. Take the exhilarating ride into Qooroq and you’ll see beautiful blue icebergs, which break away from the magnificent Qooroq Glacier, up-close in all their frozen glory. Alternatively, you might choose to venture up Signal Hill in Narsarsuaq to marvel at the unspoilt scenery of Tunugdlliarfik Fjord, before embarking Black Watch once again to sail Tunugdlliarfik in the evening en route to Nanortalik. Your final call in Greenland offers a fascinating insight into life in region; the Open Air Museum exhibits traditional clothing, kayaks and much more, while a live performance of song and dance from the locals is sure to delight. For one last memorable Greenlandic experience, you’ll also enjoy scenic cruising of the majestic Tasermuit Fjord before Black Watch heads into Belfast, Northern Ireland’s attraction-packed capital.


  • Direct Flight from Dublin to Liverpool
  • Airport transfer to port
  • 13 nights accommodation on-board the 4* Fred Olsen Black Watch
  • Fine dining on a full board basis
  • A variety of entertainment onboard
  • Cruise back into Belfast for your convenience
  • Baggage per person, 20kgs check-in and 10kgs hand luggage
  • Inclusive of taxes and service charges (€130)


Day 1 Liverpool, UK

Following your flight to Liverpool, you will be transferred to the port to board the Fred. Olsen Black Watch.

Day 2-3 At Sea


Day 4-5 Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavik – Iceland’s stunning coastal capital and cultural centre – is the world’s most northerly capital. The city combines colourful buildings, impulsive, creative people, extraordinary design, and some of the country’s most beautiful natural wonders. The cosmopolitan city with big heart is home to the Althing – the world’s oldest parliament, and the National and Saga Museums, which trace Iceland’s Viking history. The impressive Hallgrímskirkja Church bell tower and the rotating Perlan glass dome offer panoramic views off island. Reykjavik’s galleries and exhibitions, including the outstanding Reykjavík Art Museum and National Gallery, feature radical Icelandic design, and there are many public art installations. The capital has benefited from a recent surge in high-quality restaurant openings, offering a broad mix of creative cuisine. Daytime cafés switch to restaurants and bars at night – tapas, concept-dining and burger joints all sit comfortably together. And then there’s the wonderful nightlife. Located in southwest Iceland – characterised by vast peninsulas, coves, straits and islands – Reykjavik is in easy reach of several must-see geological attractions. The iconic Golden Circle Trail includes the Blue Lagoon Spa, the Thingvellir National Park, the renowned Gullfoss Waterfall, and the incredible Geysir hot springs. Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach – Reykjavik’s little bit of paradise – is also unmissable. The popular sandy beach and geothermal lagoon, where cold sea and hot geothermal waters meet to produce higher temperatures, offers hot-tubs, steam baths and various water sports to try.

Day 6 At Sea


Day 7 Cruising Prins Christian Sund & Cruising Torssukatak, Greenland

Carving a breathtaking, naturally-formed path separating the mainland from the pretty islands of Cape Farewell, Prins Christian Sund – named after Christian VIII – is one of Greenland’s most scenic waterways. 66 miles in length, and flanked by magnificent glaciers and granite cliffs, this narrow passage is only accessible during the summer, when the largest icy blockades melt way, opening up an enticing route in land. Sailing the sound aboard a Fred. Olsen ship brings you closer to the glaciers, huge icebergs and imposing peaks for unmissable photo opportunities, while a range of wildlife, including bearded seals, seabirds such as black guillemots, and even minke and blue whales, is often seen too. Among the unspolit landscape, the Inuit village of Aappilattoq – the sound’s only sign of human habitation – is also worth looking out for. Flanked by astonishingly tall seawalls, it feels as though you are cruising through a tunnel as you make your way through the fjord. A favourite with brave climbers, Torssukatak is home to the famous Thumbnail cliff – said to be one of the highest sea cliffs on earth – and the ‘Baroness’ – an imposing, 600 metre high vertical cliff face.

Day 8 Qaqortoq, Greenland

Frequently isolated by winter sea ice, the ‘White Palace’, Qaqortoq, is southern Greenland’s largest town. Founded by Norwegian traders in 1775, Qaqortoq still retains some beautiful colonial buildings from that time. The challenging landscape and harsh climate have ensured the preservation of Greenland’s traditional culture, and the many ancient Inuit skills of fishing, hunting and kayaking. Qaqortoq is very proud of its ancient fountain – for many years the only one in Greenland – which has carvings of whales spouting water out of their blowholes, and the names of all of the town burghers in brass letters around its base. The Stone and Man project is also fascinating, featuring natural rock that’s been carved by local artists into abstract shapes and figures. The charming Church of Our Saviour, dating from 1832, is found in the town centre, and the two local museums are also worth seeing. The ancient but well preserved Hvalsey Norse ruins are just outside the town. Hvalsey is mentioned in the Icelandic annals, the Flateyjarbók, and has extensive and substantial remains of dwellings dating back over a thousand years.

Day 9 Narsarsuaq, Greenland & Cruising Tunulliarfik Fjord

Narsarsuaq is a small settlement in the Kujalleq municipality in southern Greenland, with a population of no more than 200 inhabitants. Around Narsarsuaq, the attractions include a great diversity of wildlife, gemstones, tours to blue-ice glaciers, and an airfield museum. Just outside of Narsarsuaq is Signal Hill, offering panoramic views of the fjord and the icebergs which can occasionally be seen floating past. Inland is the stunning Narsarsuaq Glacier which grows out of the ice sheet of Greenland’s interior. The stunning blue ice of the glacier is within walking distance and is reached via the picturesque Flower Valley. Based around its international airport – a former US Military Airbase – Narsarsuaq is one of Greenland’s most popular tourist destinations. Gliding along the glass-like still waters of the fjord, in between drifting ice bergs that have separated from the ice cap nearby and alongside native seals and whales, you will feel an uncanny sense of space, tranquillity and relaxation on a scenic cruise through this incredible natural wonder.

Day 10 Nanortalik, Greenland & Cruising Tasermiut Fjord

Nanortalik – Greenland’s most southerly town – is unlike any other town in the country. Sat on a small island at the end of a wonderful fjord and surrounded by vast snow-topped mountains, the ‘Place of Polar Bears’ is truly unique. The small woodlands and prairies against a spectacular backdrop make this is a nature lover’s paradise. Polar bears live and hunt on the sea ice close to the town and are often seen from the shores of Nanortalik. Seals and whales can also be spotted in the surrounding waters. In the winter months, visitors are often lucky enough to capture the Aurora Borealis – Mother Nature’s own spectacular display, with curtains of white, yellow and green flashes lighting up the sky. The town has a well preserved historic quarter where there are cafés and an unusual wooden church. Brightly coloured houses line the streets, while the Nanortalik Museum has some fascinating exhibits including the oldest women’s boat ever found, which dates back to 1440 and was found by polar explorer and artist, Eigil Knuth. As you cruise along the rich azure waters of the Tasermiut Fjord – between huge mountains and daunting ‘Big Wall’ cliff faces – you quickly begin to understand why this stunning part of Greenland – considered one of the 10 wonders of the Arctic – is so popular with keen kayakers and hikers from all over the globe. Rich with beautiful flora and diverse fauna, Tasermiut is a haven for nature lovers too. Keep an eye on the sky to spot majestic eagles as they swoop down into the fjord and spot wild foxes and arctic hares on the shore as you glide through the ‘Arctic Patagonia’ alongside seals, whales and arctic salmon.

Day 11-13 At Sea


Day 14 Belfast, Northern Ireland

Your cruise ends with your arrival in Belfast.


Black Watch

Black Watch is the ultimate home-from-home at sea: spacious with a friendly, familiar feel and providing a traditional cruise experience. Refurbished at the end of 2016, the 804-guest Black Watch features stylish new décor, fittings and furniture, plus the new Black Watch Room restaurant.

What’s more, new soft furnishing, smart TVs and mini-bars enhance the accommodation on board, while the cinema has been upgraded too. Despite all these new features, Black Watch still retains her sleek, intimate style and has a welcoming ambience – just like the rest of the Fred. Olsen fleet.

Extra Information

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  • 15% Optional Insurance €31 (conditions apply)
  • Gratuities not included
  • Prices based on two sharing
  • These prices are guidelines only and are subject to change and availability. Pricing will be confirmed at time of booking.

  Cost per person: €2,879pp
  Number of nights: 13

30 July 2019 €2,879 Inside Cabin
30 July 2019 €3,019 Outside Cabin
30 July 2019 €4,969 Balcony Terrace
30 July 2019 €4,379 Single Inside Cabin

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