Greek Isles, Venice and Croatia


Enjoy a 7-night cruise from Venice to the Greek Isles on board the 4 star MSC Lirica. Visit the beautiful isles of Mykonos, Crete and Corfu as well as Dubrovnik and Bari on this cruise from Venice.

Discover the delights of the Mediterranean from whitewashed Greek islands and secluded beaches to vibrant cities rich in history and tradition. Visit some of the Mediterranean’s most fascinating destinations.


  • Flight from Dublin to Venice
  • 7 nights onboard the MSC Lirica based on two sharing an Inside cabin.
  • Meals onboard on a full board basis
  • Entertainment onboard
  • Transfer to Airport
  • Flight from Venice to Dublin
  • Taxes and charges of €130
  • One check bag of 20kg per person


Day 1 Venice, Italy

Following your flight, you will be transferred to the port to board MSC Lirica.

This is a city of breathtaking beauty, from St Marks Square, with its ancient Basilica, lavish Doges Palace and imposing bell tower to the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs. A guided tour will help you understand how this enchanting city manages to survive despite being built on a series of wooden poles and despite the fast flowing waters of the Adriatic underneath the city. World-renowned for its canals and bridges, Venice is visually stunning, thanks to its higgledy-piggledy array of palaces, churches and colourful, narrow streets. A lovely way to spend the day is to combine a gondola and walking tour: a gondola ride is another ‘must-do’ experience, whilst the secrets and history of Venice’s ‘calli’ (streets) will be revealed to you by your knowledgeable guide.

Day 2 Bari, Italy

It’s worth doing an excursion just to wander around the old city of Bari, an entrancing jumble of streets that are possibly the most mind-bending place to walk around on your Mediterranean cruises to southern Italy. Situated at the far end of Corso Cavour, its labyrinth of seemingly endless passages, weaving through courtyards and under arches, were originally designed to spare the inhabitants from the wind and throw invaders into a state of confusion. Here, life is lived very much outdoors, and on summer evenings it’s full of people sitting outside their kitchen doors. On arriving in the heart of Bari’s old city, you find the Basilica di San Nicola, consecrated in 1197 to house the relics of the saint plundered a century earlier from southern Turkey via Mediterranean Sea. The real beauty of the church lies in its stonework, but best of all is the twelfth-century episcopal throne behind the altar, a superb piece of work supported by small figures wheezing beneath its weight.

Day 3 At Sea


Day 4 Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is the most famous and popular of the Greek Cyclades Islands. Mykonos, although famous as a party island, holds many other treats that render it an ideal stopover during and Greek island cruise. Step off your MSC cruise ship and enter a world of colour, where the azure crystal sea competes with the deep blue skies. The island’s fishing industry is kept alive in the colourful waterfront cottages, painted in different shades to help fishermen identify their homes from the sea. Mykonos is an island rich in natural beauty and history, yet is cosmopolitan in character. Make the most of your time off the ship with our competitive excursions offering great deals on local sights.

Day 5 Heraklion, Crete

Iráklion (Heraklion) has superb fortifications, a fine market and atmospheric old alleys to visit when you alight from your cruise. Virtually everything you’re likely to want to see lies within the north-eastern corner of the walled city. The massive Venetian walls, in places up to 15m thick, are the most obvious evidence of Iráklion’s history. Though their fabric is incredibly well preserved, access is virtually nonexistent. El Greco Park, to the right as you approach Platía Venizélou, is crowded with cafés and bars, while opposite, on the left, are some of the more interesting of Iráklion’s older buildings including the church of Áyios Títos and the Venetian city hall with its famous loggia, both almost entirely rebuilt. Just above this stands the church of San Marco, its steps usually crowded with sightseers spilling over from the nearby platía.

Day `6 Corfu, Greece

Corfu Town comprises a number of distinct areas. The Historic Centre, the area enclosed by the Old Port and the two forts, consists of several smaller districts: Campiello, the oldest, sits on the hill above the harbour; Kofinéta stretches towards the Spianádha (Esplanade); Áyii Apóstoli runs west of the Mitrópolis (Orthodox cathedral); while tucked in beside the Néo Froúrio is what remains of the old Jewish quarter. As you set off inland from the port you’ll find that these districts and their tall, narrow alleys conceal some of Corfu’s most beautiful architecture. The New Town comprises all the areas that surround the Historic Centre. The most obvious sights during your exploration are the forts, the Paleó Froúrio and Néo Froúrio. Looming above the Old Port, the Néo Froúrio is the more architecturally interesting of the two forts. The entrance, at the back of the fort, gives onto cellars, dungeons and battlements, with excellent views over the town and bay; there’s a small gallery and seasonal café at the summit.

Day 7 Dubrovnik, Croatia

A walled, sea-battered city lying at the foot of a grizzled mountain, Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most popular cruise destination, and it’s not difficult to see why. Waiting to be explored, this essentially medieval town was reshaped by Baroque planners after a disastrous earthquake of 1667; Dubrovnik’s historic core seems to have been suspended in time ever since. Walk through the city and admire the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, inside there are a couple of Italian paintings, including Titian’s polyptych The Assumption behind the main altar. Immediately south of Luža – the square centre of the medieval town – is the Rector’s Palace, former seat of the Ragusan government.

Day 8 Venice, Italy

Your cruise ends today with your arrival in Venice. Disembarkation begins after breakfast when you will be transferred to the airport for your flight home.


MSC Lirica – Traditional Cruise Comforts In A Most Elegant Setting

MSC Lirica was an important cruise ship for MSC. As the first completely new build she helped set the tone that helped them on the way to becoming arguably the world’s most modern cruise line. And, thanks to the meticulous care lavish on all their cruise ships, MSC Lirica looks as immaculate today as she did ‘way back’ in 2003!

MSC Lirica is a cruise ship for those who remain unmoved by glitzy interiors and the ‘biggest and brashest is best’ school of cruise ship design. Instead she excels in delivering a quality cruise for those looking for comfort and hospitality of the highest order. Expect a friendly, casual atmosphere and a cruise ship that looks and feels like a proper cruise ship complete with rich wood, brass, marble and the restrained use of restful colours.

Up on deck you’ll find plenty of space to do just as you please. If traditional cruising games are your thing, how about a game of shuffleboard? Or, if you can’t wait for your next port to play a round of golf, how about putting around the mini golf course? There again, if you can’t put that novel down, then find a sun lounger and settle down for a good read – you can punctuate the chapters with a cold drink, crisply delivered by an attentive steward.

If you take your relaxation seriously the Lirica Health Centre has some seriously relaxing treatments on offer. Spend a little time here and you’ll soon leave the stresses and strains of everyday life in your wake. Other ‘low impact’ routes to relaxation can be found in the Beverley Hills bar and the Lord Nelson pub, where a most convivial evening is guaranteed.

MSC Lirica offers extraordinary comfort in an elegant setting. If you are looking for a casual easy-going ambience framed by traditional, luxurious decor MSC Lirica is the cruise liner for you! MSC’s superb Mediterranean cuisine will put you right at ease and our modern array of amenities will ensure your every wish is catered for!

Extra Information

Booking remarks

  • Inclusive of taxes and service charges as indicated
  • Non-refundable or transferable booking deposit of €250 per person
  • Full payment due on confirmation
  • Optional Insurance €23 (conditions apply)
  • Drinks onboard not included. All Inclusive Drinks Package available for €26pppn
  • Gratuities of €8.50 per person per day are payable onboard or you can prepay before you travel.
  • Single supplement on request
  • These prices are guidelines only and are subject to change and availability. Pricing will be confirmed at time of booking.

  Cost per person: €979pp
  Number of nights: 7

04 May 2018 €1,029 Inside
04 May 2018 €1,209 Oceanview
04 May 2018 €1,609 Balcony
11 May 2018 €1,079 Inside
11 May 2018 €1,259 Oceanview
11 May 2018 €1,659 Balcony
18 May 2018 €1,079 Inside 
18 May 2018 €1,259 Oceanview
18 May 2018 €1,659 Balcony
25 May 2018 €1,129 Inside
25 May 2018 €1,309 Oceanview
25 May 2018 €1,719 Balcony
01 June 2018 €1,129 Inside
01 June 2018 €1,309 Oceanview
01 June 2018 €1,719 Balcony
08 June 2018 €1,129 Inside
08 June 2018 €1,309 Oceanview
08 June 2018 €1,719 Balcony
15 June 2018 €1,129 Inside
15 June 2018 €1,309 Oceanview
15 June 2018 €1,719 Balcony
22 June 2018 €1,129 Inside
22 June 2018 €1,309 Oceanview
22 June 2018 €1,719 Balcony
29 June 2018 €1,279 Inside
29 June 2018 €1,469 Oceanview
29 June 2018 €1,829 Balcony
06 July 2018 €1,279 Inside
06 July 2018 €1,469 Oceanview
06 July 2018 €1,829 Balcony
13 July 2018 €1,329 Inside
13 July 2018 €1,519 Oceanview
13 July 2018 €1,879 Balcony
20 July 2018 €1,379 Inside
20 July 2018 €1,569 Oceanview
20 July 2018 €1,949 Balcony
27 July 2018 €1,379 Inside
27 July 2018 €1,569 Oceanview
27 July 2018 €1,949 Balcony
03 August 2018 €1,439 Inside
03 August 2018 €1,619 Oceanview
03 August 2018 €1,999 Balcony
10 August 2018 €1,439 Inside
10 August 2018 €1,619 Oceanview
10 August 2018 €1,999 Balcony
17 August 2018 €1,329 Inside
17 August 2018 €1,519 Oceanview
17 August 2018 €1,879 Balcony
24 August 2018 €1,279 Inside
24 August 2018 €1,469 Oceanview
24 August 2018 €1,829 Balcony
31 August 2018 €1,129 Inside
31 August 2018 €1,309 Oceanview
31 August 2018 €1,719 Balcony
07 September 2018 €1,079 Inside
07 September 2018 €1,259 Oceanview
07 September 2018 €1,659 Balcony
14 September 2018 €1,079 Inside
14 September 2018 €1,259 Oceanview
14 September 2018 €1,659 Balcony 
21 September 2018 €1,129 Inside
21 September 2018 €1,309 Oceanview
21 September 2018 €1,719 Balcony
28 September 2018 €979 Inside
28 September 2018 €1,159 Oceanview
28 September 2018 €1,549 Balcony

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